Inside The Bag: Meet Jayna, Our New Intern

July 1, 2014


My name’s Jayna Sinn, and there’s a great way to get to know a designer pretty quickly. Here’s another ‘What’s In My Bag’.

1. A Bamboo Tablet for digital sketches.

2. The trusty Macbook that makes work possible.

3. Canvas + leather Banana Republic tote, scored at Goodwill.

4. Miscellaneous daily necessities, such as Lipgloss, Covergirl Pressed Powder, and the ever-present single dollar bill.

5. iPhone 5 with Adopted case.

6. I love making my own jewelry + seed beads are my newest thing. A long necklace brings a pop of color to my sometimes monotone wardrobe.

7. I always have a few notebooks around for sketching + note-taking. Love the selection in the Minnesota Center for Book Arts shop at the current Fast Horse office in the Open Book building.

8. Micron Pens! My writing utensil of choice; they are a joy to use. Favorite colors are brown + burgundy.

This isn’t absolutely everything I normally carry, lately I’ve been switching between my purse and work tote, so it really varies. Can’t forget mace, wallet, and other personal essentials.

In 2013 I graduated from UW-Stout with a major in graphic design and a minor in sustainable design + development. After sending off a handful of inquiries to various agencies, I heard back from Fast Horse and the rest is history. I’ve hit the ground running and have learned so much already. It’s been a whirlwind of projects!

Beyond work I enjoy cooking, spending time up north, reading, playing video games (when possible), watching k-dramas, and making things. I always have some project going on, from printmaking (block printing), to creating a custom knife with my brother and sister.

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