Team Sports For Fun And Profit

June 26, 2014

While Tim Lincecum was pulling off his second career no-no last night, and the U.S., German, Ghanaian and Portuguese sides were surely practicing for their matches today that determine who will enter the knockout stage of the World Cup, I was strapping on my bright white sneakers to do something far less impressive: kick a big pink rubber ball.

It was a banner night for me: three at-bats (at-kicks?), three outs.

Which isn’t to say I’m a bad player necessarily — at least by the standards of my team.

You see, our kickball team is really more of a beer-drinking team. Sure, some people take the ball-kicking side project more seriously than others, but all are welcome, regardless of athletic skill.

The team started at a previous job, and while most of us have moved on to other endeavors, it turned out we actually enjoyed having a reason to still see each other each week during the summer.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to see these lovable misfits?

Photo used completely without the permission of my teammates.

Photo used completely without the permission of my teammates.

If that’s not enough to convince you to join a team “sport,” you may be a lost cause. But in case the difficulty of kickball is holding you back, I present three fun alternatives.

Cardboard tube dueling

This one is self explanatory.

Cardboard tube dueling

Cheese rolling

Roll a wheel of cheese down a hill. Roll yourself after it.


Extreme ironing

OK, this one actually seems kind of hard.