The Countdown Begins

June 27, 2014

In addition to the NBA Draft, family vacations and a few days months of great weather, each summer I anxiously await an event with great anticipation: The Great Minnesota Get-Together.  This week, the Minnesota State Fair announced their new food lineup for 2014 and the countdown has officially begun to August 21. (55 days, but who’s counting?)  Summer has truly come to Minnesota, and Deep-Fried Buckeyes are in sight!


Made an appearance on the Giant Slide last year with my four-year-old nephew

The State Fair is short-lived each year, but I have discovered quite a few ways to enjoy some special moments year-round through treats at home, mementos and restaurants around the Twin Cities.

Sweet Martha’s Cookies: A visit (or two) to the best booth at the fair is mandatory. If I only got one stop at the fair, this would be it. Quite a few local grocery stores carry the dough, making it very easy to recreate these oh-so-sweet treats right at home. Sweet Martha makes frequent visits to our home – I won’t admit how many.

Mini Donuts: Café Lurcat carries a mean plate of fresh mini donuts on their bar’s dessert menu. I recommend pairing them with a cappuccino (or a glass of milk!).

French Fries: Convention Grill & Annie’s Parlour carry (in my opinion) the closest find to the ‘Fresh French Fries’ at the fair. They don’t come in a red and yellow bucket – and you don’t have to stand in line.

Cheese Curds:  While Target Field carries tried-and-true ‘State Fair Cheese Curds’, they are unfortunately not available all year round. However, I recently discovered that the Red Cow in South Minneapolis has saved the day with a bit of triple berry ketchup on the side

HODGDONThe Best Gift Idea Ever:  Last year, I made my annual trip to the fair just a few days before my wedding and a booth caught my eye with their wall of photo-letters. I quickly saw a fun way to bring a memory home in honor of my soon-to-be new last name. This piece now hangs in our home and is a fun reminder of one of our favorite summer activites and our new adventure together.

I have used their website since to make gifts for others and it’s very easy to use! Keep an eye out for them this year in the Grandstand.