Greens And Dreams: One Part Plant

June 30, 2014

As most the ponies know, I love my greens. Kale is a staple in my diet – I eat it every day for lunch, and oftentimes for dinner as well. I’ve been known to dabble in the kitchen with raw recipes and dream of juicing fresh greens. So it should come as no surprise that I was beyond excited to uncover One Part Plant “OPP” – an inspirational website and experiential brand for clean eating. The creator behind this wildly popular brand is marketing expert Jessica Murnane.

Jessica is no stranger to successful marketing – I met her years ago when she was killing it as Gen Art Chicago’s marketing manager. She’s acted as consultant to numerous brands and in addition to OPP, is the creator of So, How Was Your Day? and owner of stationary brand Suitor. Phew! Her latest venture, One Part Plant, resulted from doing a diet 180 after being faced with the option of “crazy surgery or even crazier drugs” due to medical reasons.

Launched just last year, One Part Plant is gaining momentum – and fast. I took a moment to chat with Jessica about OPP and any plans for Minneapolis collaborations.


Fast Horse: As a veggie aficionado, naturally I love what you’re doing. Launched just last year, One Part Plant has taken off. You’ve spoken at Apple and been featured on popular blogs such as Eater and Pop Sugar, to name a few. So, what is your secret to success?

Jessica: Um…working my ass off for the last 10 years. I say that jokingly, but when it really comes down to it, that’s what I think is happening here. One Part Plant has gained so much momentum in this first year – more than I could have ever dreamed of. But I really think it’s because I’ve gathered all the resources, connections, and skills I’ve gained over the last 10 years and combined them into one space. It also doesn’t hurt that OPP is the first thing that I’ve ever done professionally that makes me want to jump out of bed every morning. Passion and a real love for what you do can make extraordinary things happen.

Fast Horse: In my industry, there are definitely times when I’m in need of, as you put it, a little sparkle. Any tips for increasing energy?

Jessica: Start your day with something green (juice, smoothie, salad) if you can. I always tell my clients, start with something green and then go for the coffee if you still want it. After awhile you’ll crave the green over the caffeine. Starting the day with whole foods gets your body and brain moving in the right direction – together. Our guts are so connected to our brains. Feed it something good, you’ll get that sparkle up top and the energy you crave.

Fast Horse: You’ve partnered with some big names in the restaurant industry. Any plans to bring a little plant to other cities…Minneapolis, perhaps? (Wink, wink) We have some great ones – The Bachelor Farmer and Tilia, to name a few.

Editor’s Note: Jessica partners with restaurants to put at least one plant-based item on their menu.

Jessica: Yes, please! You got Tilia’s digits? I would love to do something in Minneapolis. Although, you guys have got it going on already.  I visited Minneapolis last year and had great food! There was this insane cashew cheese pizza I had that I still think about. You even had plant-based options at the airport!

Fast Horse: You offer two programs to help people on their way to becoming one part plant. Do you offer Master and Mini Plant remotely? Any dream clients that you’d like to work with?

Editor’s Note: Mini Plant is a 6-week clean eating guide; Master Plant is a 6-week one-on-one program with Jessica.

Jessica: I work with a lot of people over the phone/via Skype. One of my most fun client experiences was with a woman that lived in Chile. She lived in a small town and didn’t have access to a lot of foods that we can get easily here. So we figured out a plan for her. She started making her own almond milk and veggie broth. She impressed me so much and even surprised herself. I really work hard to make my programs fit into the lives of my clients. Whatever that life is. I make it easy. If it’s hard, most people won’t stick to it.

Dream client would be Rick Ross or Marc Maron. I think both could use some more plants in their lives for different reasons.

Fast Horse: What’s your go-to plant recipe?

Jessica: For sure this basil pesto. Just a few ingredients and you can throw it on veggies or brown rice pasta for a quickie dinner!

Fast Horse: For those unfamiliar with OPP, what is the main thing you want them to know as a takeaway?

Jessica: That is doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I’m not trying to turn the world into hardcore health nuts; I’m just trying to show that more plant-based foods in your diet can make big changes. Food changed my life in such a dramatic way. You’ll definitely lose weight, your skin will glow, aches and pains will go away…but the greatest thing that happens is that you feel like a new you. You become happier. You have more energy. And I swear to you, things that you never thought could happen…do.