Celebrating The Last Day Of British Rule

June 25, 2014

IEThere was a lot of talk last week about our work on Newcastle Brown Ale’s “If We Made It” campaign, which hijacked the spotlight around the Super Bowl with an ad that doesn’t exist. It ended up claiming 13 Cannes Lions during the world’s biggest celebration of creativity in communications.

That’s a mighty tough act to follow, but we’re going to try. And this time around, we’re coming with a holiday that doesn’t exist. The latest effort for the British beer – titled “If We Won” – focuses on Independence Eve, formerly known as July 3rd to most people.

The program includes several “alternate history” videos imagining how different America could have been if the Brits had won the Revolutionary War, as well as several pieces of content starring a great lineup of celebrity talent. Stepping into the spotlight will be actress Elizabeth Hurley, Golden Globe-winning British actor and co-creator of “The Office” Stephen Merchant, and Zachary Quinto, an American actor best known for his roles in “Heroes,” “Star Trek” and “American Horror Story.”

Each video, created by Droga5, will be available at www.IfWeWon.com between now and the Independence Eve “holiday.” Here’s a taste of what you’ll see.

“If We Won” is the latest activation in Newcastle’s popular No Bollocks marketing campaign, which offers a humorous and refreshing dose of honesty, while poking fun at tired, clichéd and gimmicky marketing tactics from other brands. Like the idea of exploiting holidays to shill for products, in this case.

We’ll be working to get eyeballs on the content and fanning the flames as each new video is released. Hopefully, reminding Americans of what their lives could have been like on July 3rd will make celebrating our independence on July 4th even sweeter. And hopefully it sells a bunch of Newcastle.