Goodbye For Now, HQ

May 2, 2014

Our little North Loop oasis will return — mightier than ever — in late 2014.

On this particular Friday, we Ponies are without a home.

That’s because yesterday a team of burly men with considerable lower-body strength removed nearly everything from Fast Horse world headquarters. Some of it will end up in storage units, but most of it comes with us to the temporary space that will serve as our home base beginning Monday. (This is probably a good time to remind everyone we will be at 1011 S. Washington Ave., Suite 350, Minneapolis, MN 55415 for about the next six months.)

I swung by the “old building” last night to bid farewell to the office as we knew it, and to snap a few photos for the archive. Those of you who have passed through our office over the years may be as jarred by the emptiness as I was. In no uncertain terms, Fast Horse will never look the same again.

If this is your first time peeking inside of our building, well, check back later this year. When the renovation is complete, it’s going to be totally worthy of your gawking.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

photo 1 copy

photo 4


photo 5