Seven Truths And A Lie To Say Goodbye To 240 N. 9th

April 30, 2014

Fast Horse office

Today we bid adieu to Fast Horse world headquarters as we know it. The movers show up tomorrow to help transport us to our temporary home on the third floor of the Open Book building at 1011 Washington Ave. S. Next week, construction begins on a complete overhaul and expansion of our office, which will result in two additional floors and an awesome rooftop deck.

Our current space has served us well, but we’ve definitely outgrown it. We’ll be back in six months or so with more room than we know what to do with. Until then, let’s mark our seven years at 240 N. 9th Ave. with seven truths and a lie about our time here. Can you spot which one is not real?

  • What we thought would be a low-key AdFed happy hour included broken bottles on our concrete floor and at least one guest vomiting in the bathroom
  • We witnessed a young woman chained to the loading dock across the street wearing only a bikini and knee-high, furry boots for a photo shoot
  • A senior director leg-wrestled an intern on the floor of our main room
  • Someone accidentally drove her SUV through one of the windows in the front our building while talking on the phone to a colleague inside the building
  • We’ve been robbed twice — in broad daylight — without anyone noticing
  • An annual neighborhood clean-up event yielded a bag of weed, which we stashed as a trophy of sorts among our trophies
  • An employee slept at the office one night — she was still curled up in one of the oversized leather chairs when the first person showed up the following morning
  • One of our colleagues greeted a visitor with a pair of pantyhose stretched over his entire head

Some of you are probably wondering what kind of sketchy environment we work in. Actually, we’ve seen the North Loop neighborhood transform over the years into one of the nicest (and coolest) spots in the Twin Cities, filled with high-end restaurants, apartments and more. Let’s just hope it never loses its character. And let’s hope Fast Horse never loses its cast of characters. Who wants a boring day at the office?

Oh, and for those who managed to read this far, the SUV crash never happened, although I think Alli has come close on a number of occasions. Everything else is 100 percent true.