Instant Appreciation Via Instagram At The Sochi Winter Games

February 11, 2014

The Olympics turn me into a preteen at a One Direction concert. I fan-girl so hard.

To the surprise of many, I’m much more of a Winter Olympics fan then summer. Maybe it’s because I was stuck inside a gym with a net for the better part of seven winters. Or maybe it’s my appreciation of ice ballet or my love of hockey. Whatever the reason, I find the cold weather sports so much more enjoyable. Don’t even say the word gymnastics. I’m still seething over Beijing.

The thought of a U.S. vs. Russia hockey game is more exciting to me than another Super Bowl. I get all “Miracle on Ice” about it, and my adrenaline starts pumping.

Everyone can find something to enjoy during the Olympics. Take figure skating, for example. Specifically the ice dancing. It’s a drop-dead beautiful sport. Its ballet, acrobatics and dancing perfectly synced and balanced on ice to gorgeous musical scores. All the while the partners rely on each other and trust they won’t get dropped head first, or accidentally slice a carotid artery while a sharp blade whips past their face. It’s thrilling!

And for the rest of you — those who are too busy, too impatient or whatever — there is still a great way for you to enjoy the Olympics. Instagram!

Social media has taken over these games, even before the first #SochiProblem occurred. And now, it lets us connect with these wonderfully over the top personalities and amazing athletes. Get to following some of my favorites:

Shaun White: It’s not easy becoming a household name as an Olympian in a fairly obscure sport, but Shaun White has done just that. He is chasing history today, as he will have a shot at becoming the first American male to win gold in 3 straight winter games for the halfpipe competition. I give you, the Flying Tomato eating Russian McDonalds:


Sarah Hendrickson: The 19-year-old defending World Champion from Park City, Utah, is competing in the first-ever female ski jumping competition. She has been one of my favorites coming into these games, and has unfortunately been struggling with an injury. She competes today as well, and shares some stunning shots via Instagram.


Hannah Teter: Representing the women in halfpipe on Wednesday, she gives selfies a good name.


Jamie Anderson: I’m a little snowboarder heavy here, but Jamie Anderson who brought home the gold in ladies slopestyle, shares amazing photos of her shredding the slopes.


Kate Hansen: This lady luger is a riot, and another one of my Olympic favorites. Not only does she warm-up by dancing to Beyonce, but her instagram shows off her fun personality at these games.


Bobby Brown: U.S. freestyle skier and X-Games gold medalist. Breathtaking.


Official Olympics: For a little bit of everything, there is the Official Olympics account.


Team USA: And don’t forget to get your team spirit on, and follow Team USA!