GIFs Glorious GIFs

January 30, 2014

GIFY LogoAwards season is upon us. The Grammys last weekend, the Screen Actors Guild the weekend before and the Golden Globes the weekend before that.

Adding to the excitement: The winner of the .GIFYs gets announced online Jan. 31.

Whether you choose to pronounce it “jif” with a soft G or “gif” with a hard G makes no difference. Instead, take note of the fact that these little animated features have captured our attention and are back in vogue.

Proof that the GIF craze has gone from fad to permanent fixture in pop culture comes in the form of a new award announced earlier this month called the .GIFYS. A collection of editors and writers from various online publishing platforms such as Buzzfeed and Mashable have joined forces to celebrate this art form and provide us with the best of the best.

In the last few weeks, the judges posted three or four finalists in each of 12 categories on the official .GIFYS web site. Consumers were encouraged to vote for their favorites.

Popular categories include “cats,” of course, along with “animals” and “news + politics.” A stand out favorite of mine — “can’t look away.” There is something for everyone. There’s even a GIF Of The Year award that includes celeb clips of Oprah and the Biebs.

Here are a few notable ones to get you started. But visit the site to see all the finalists and mark you calendars for first thing tomorrow to find out who the big winners are in each category. Let the fun begin.