More Kudos For The Deserving Twin Cities

January 21, 2014

MinneapolisThe Today Show just declared Minneapolis-St. Paul the “healthiest, fittest city in America.”

This isn’t the first time our Twin Cities have been recognized with this kind of distinction.

We’ve been showered with compliments about our lush parks, shimmering lakes, green golf courses, great ‘foodie’ restaurants, abundant collection of farmers markets, rocking music scene and more.

The Twin Cities also excel when it comes to throwing impressive events throughout the year to keep its dwellers active, involved, and happy. A couple of the biggest ones to get us through the doldrums of winter are the City of Lakes Loppet Festival, the St. Paul Winter Carnival and Red Bull Crashed Ice – how awesome!

One of my favorites for the summertime is the Midwest Tomato Fest, which is a part of the Minnesota Food Truck Fair – all things Minnesota, don’tcha know!

We’ve got the Twin Cities Marathon, savory pizza joints, wonderful community gardens, and even an @CityMinneapolis Twitter page fully equipped with awesome vintage #throwbackthursday photos, too, while they’re at it. Minneapolis-St. Paul has been acknowledged as the #1 bike city, has been rated among the 10 best cities for urban forests, and in the top eight cities for best places to retire. Who’d have thought?

Our food industry has really taken off with great foodie blogs and Minnesota-based cookbooks and publications such as Minnesota Table and Edible – Twin Cities. There are restaurants that pride themselves on cooking with fresh vegetables and herbs from local organic farms … and hot spots from another era, such as Nye’s Polonaise Room and Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge.

We’re doing a wonderful job of embracing our heritage, while keeping up with and pioneering that bustling feel of one of the country’s greatest markets.

So whether you’re a born-and-raised Minneapolis resident, or you ventured here from near or far, I think we’ve got some bragging rights here. This city truly does have it all.

Minneapolis – that’s what’s trending.