Top 5 Favorite Kickstarter Projects

January 7, 2014

A cocktail-making robot called Bartendro. Photo from Partyrobotics.

A countertop beer brewing machine. Check! A robotic bartender. Check! A seriously kick-ass PC-only space simulator. Check!

So many awesome things you’ll find being funded on Kickstarter. Here is a list of my top five favorite projects.

  1. Star Citizen – A super cool PC-only space simulator from Chris Roberts the creator of Wing Commander. It’s reached $36 million in funding and continues to climb.
  2. PicoBrew Zymatic – A countertop one touch home beer brewing system. Who wouldn’t want a batch of home brewed beer at the touch of a button.
  3. Oculus Rift – A wearable 3D virtual headset for games. Virtual reality is the holy grail that game companies are striving for. This device has so much potential that the great John Carmack, formally of ID software (Quake), left his company to join Oculus full time.
  4. Bartendro – A  smart liquor dispensing “robot” that mixes drinks. What more do I need to say.
  5. Roadie Tuner – A handheld powered guitar string winder that will wind the strings to pitch. This is for musicians that are too busy drinking shots to tune their damn guitar manually and can’t afford to hire a real roadie.