Paper Darts Creates ‘Storefront For Storytellers’

May 30, 2013
Paper Darts Pop-Up

The indie art scene in the Twin Cities is like none other. Whether you’re a voyager, wannabe or aspiring artist, you’re welcomed into the fold… invited to experience the craft and share your own vision.

When I heard about the Paper Darts Pop-up experience, which brings together rising artists to showcase literal and visual art mash ups, I thought, “Wow. Yes, this is the type of experience that really represents what the Twin Cities scene offers, and more so, what makes it so special.”

The masterminds behind Paper Darts, the liveliest literary arts magazine in the Twin Cities, are joining with SooLOCAL, a division of Soo Visual Arts Center, to break new ground on a six-week artistic storytelling experience beginning June 1. The location, West 35th Street and Nicollet Avenue, is the perfect setting for sculptors, performance artists, writers, illustrators, musicians, poets and more to collaborate and share their craft, push boundaries and celebrate the creative community and all it gives to the Twin Cities area.

Paper Darts Pop-Up

The all white SooLOCAL gallery was transformed by Paper Darts in just a few days.

When I asked our own Fast Horse pony Jamie Millard, who also happens to be one of the founders and current executive director of Paper Darts, what she hopes people glean from the pop-up experience, she said, “I’m hoping this flurry of awesomeness hits the community hard over the head. I want them to step back and say, ‘Hot damn there’s a lot of indie activity and energy in the Twin Cities literary arts scene.’ These emerging organizations have the creativity, flexibility, and vision to launch our scene to be more of a player on a national scale – and we need to recognize and celebrate that.”

You can find key happenings here. It’s sure to be a can’t-miss experience.

But if people have their way, this may become an annual experience…or in a dream world, even a permanent storefront. And if the team at Paper Darts can do anything, it’s dream.

A storefront for storytellers