Meet Dominic Johnson — Tennis Nut, Comic And Newest Fast Horse Intern

May 29, 2013

Dominic Johnson Fast Horse internHi, everyone!

My name is Dominic Johnson, and I am the newest Fast Horse intern. I come to Fast Horse right out of Drake University, where I graduated just nine days ago with majors in marketing and advertising account management.

At Drake, I was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity and the American Marketing Association. I also covered sports for the school paper, The Times Delphic. If you are looking to catch up on four years worth of Drake men’s tennis, I can talk your ear off.

Throughout my four years at Drake, I took on a number of internships in various industries. I’ve been in everything from sports marketing to medical device supply. And what type of Des Moines, Iowa, resident would I be if I didn’t spend at least a little time in insurance? Needless to say, I have been all over the place in four short years, absorbing every bit of information I could at each stop.

So after all of this, how did I end up at Fast Horse? My interest in agency life actually started during my freshman year of college when I first started looking for internships. Four years ago, I thought I could land an agency gig with only a year of college under my belt. Silly me! I soon found out you have to be a college graduate if you want to go to work with the heavy hitters. So I waited.

It was just a few months ago that I saw the summer internship posting with Fast Horse, immediately liked what I saw, and started researching the agency. I sent in my video cover letter (maybe some of you have seen it already), which landed me an interview with Jamie, Andrew and Alex. Andrew later called me while I was at the Drake Relays and told me I was a finalist for the internship. Then, after a week of marketing myself like mad, Jörg called to let me know I was the next Fast Horse Summer Intern. So here I am, starting my first blog post from the comfort of the windowless “Jack Bauer Room” at the Fast Horse World HQ.

Before I sign off, let me share a few fun facts about myself:

  • I’m an absolute tennis nut. Whether it is watching, playing, and maybe even a little bit of coaching, I can’t get enough of it.
  • In the past four years, I’ve become a college basketball fanatic as well. Yeah, I’m the guy that goes onto message boards to talk Gophers and Bulldogs basketball. For the record, Richard Pitino will look like a great hire in a few years.
  • I love stand-up and improv comedy. From Kevin Hart to John Mulaney, it’s all good. In fact, I was in the ComedySportz High School League my senior year at Eden Prairie High School, and I took second place in “Drake’s Got Talent” my sophomore year for my stand-up routine. If I’m feeling really adventurous, maybe you’ll see me at an open mic night in the future.

You can’t learn everything about someone in 530 words, so head on over to Twitter and follow @dom_johnson. Send a tweet my way, strike up a conversation, and we can clog up some Twitter feeds together!