Tee Is For Tilia

December 14, 2012

TeeIsForTiliaTilia held a T-shirt design contest a few weeks ago, inviting designers to capture the essence of of the Linden Hills eatery in their design. To make things twice as nice, all proceeds from the contest and shirt sales go to the non-profit Linden Hills Farmers Market.

The grand prize winner is Daniel S., who designed a shirt featuring “the natural predator of all that is Tilia.” His stylized, tri-colored bear left contest judges, Tilia owners Steven Brown and Fast Horse founder Jörg Pierach, shaken and but unharmed.

Why is a bear Tilia’s only natural predator? “There is no explanation, just acceptance,” said the winning designer of his entry. Well put, Daniel. Well put.


The judges were also so taken with a submission from Rosi M., they decided to award her a prize and print her shirt design as well. Her design captures the Tilia brand and the worn-in feel of the restaurant’s interior, all wrapped up in the silhouette of the state the eatery calls home.

tilia-teeDaniel’s bear design is printed on comfy, long-sleeve, thermal shirts and are on sale for $30. You can pick up Rosi’s design, printed on short sleeve t-shirts, for $25. All proceeds will go to the Linden Hills Farmer’s market, and additional donations are much appreciated.

So head on over to Tilia, and pick up a fun and unique gift for your loved ones (or selfishly get one for yourself, knowing karma will even out since your money is helping a non-profit!).