Recipe For Holiday Cheer

December 20, 2012

christmas cookiesI have a confession. I am a baker at heart.

Although I consider myself first and foremost a Fast Horse marketer and have spent years honing my craft, baking inspires me in a way that nothing else does.

So after Thanksgiving, I spend my days at Fast Horse and my nights and weekends in my kitchen, baking batches of cookies and freezing them as I go along. I love every minute of both.

Here is this year’s recipe for holiday cheer:

15 lbs. Unbleached, all-purpose flour
12 lbs. Unsalted butter
5 lbs. Granulated sugar
3 lbs. Pecans
2 lbs. Confectioners sugar
4 dozen Large eggs

The results speak for themselves. Happy Holidays, Fast Horse! Thank you for a wonderful year, thank you for including me as part of the team and for making me feel right at home from the start.