He’s Baaaaaack…

January 15, 2013

It was the scream heard round the world. Guttural, primal and aaaallll mine.

There I was, sitting in the 11th row at Target Center, nearly face to face with my celebrity crush. A new mom and nearly 20 years older than everybody else that day. But I felt 15 again. And as he belted out tune after tune and rocked his body like nobody else, I truly felt like it was just the two of us. Silly? Perhaps. But I’d go back in a millisecond if I could. And last week, I found out I just might have that chance.

The object of my crush is Justin Timberlake. If you’re a fan of his music, you know it has been years since he’s released a new album. But last week, he told us he was ready.

He’s ready? HE’S ready? I’M READY!

Calm down, Allison. I'm coming back...

Calm down, Allison. I’m coming back…

This late 30s mom waits on pins and needles, hoping for a tour, hoping for a stop in Minneapolis, hoping for another amazing album. But I promise not to spend this entire post gushing about his sexy voice or his comedic genius (see SNL). No. The Peepshow is about marketing. So on marketing it must stay.

When you’re talking about Justin Timberlake, it’s easy to admire the marketing savvy that — along with his talent and creativity — have made him a household name.

When it came time to announce his newest musical venture, JT skipped all the traditional methods and spoke directly to the fans. Why? Because we are his most important audience.

He first teased the album with a video on a microsite breaking the news to those of us who love him most in an intimate narrative. The video quickly spread via Twitter and countless stories on his impending comeback popped up on music and entertainment sites. Then the rumors swirled that a new track was on its way soon. And then, on Sunday, it happened. With a series of simple Twitter teases, he gave us a taste of his latest lyrics before releasing the new – and awesome – song on Sunday. Or as I call it, DreamsComeTrueday.

Then came an open letter to fans, saying “I hope this gets to you the right way. It’s the only way I know to do it. Some people may criticize me for the last 3 days. But it was fun right??? Right?!?! Besides, I’d rather speak directly to all of you. And who can knock me for having a little bit of fun with it?”

All this while bypassing the typical media announcement with a lavish party. It was JUST the way I wanted to learn about my favorite singer’s plans for the future.

Justin wears many hats: Producer, actor, business owner, restauranteur, designer. He’s done it all and most often with great success. But the last week have proven one thing: above all those titles, he may be at his best as a marketer. Because even though  the cynical side of me can see through it, I want to believe his sincerity. He’s playing me and millions of other fans in just the right way, and come spring, I’ll bet he has another multi-platinum record to show for it.