A New Take On The Old ‘Coming Soon’ Sign

September 7, 2012

Capturing the public’s attention is no easy feat. Businesses looking to create buzz, and engage with future clientele prior to opening, need to get creative. The tried-and-true “Coming Soon” sign just isn’t going to cut it.

A few weeks back, my brother and I stumbled upon this sign.

We found ourselves peering through the store’s window for clues, making guesses as to what it would become (’80s bar was my vote), and debating whether or not you need rights to use Lionel’s photo (not to mention having “Hello” stuck in our head for weeks).

It got me thinking, what an incredibly clever way to get someone’s attention. Not only were we talking about the soon-to-be business but also sharing the image, or at least I was, via social media. Bravo, Hello Pizza, bravo. You’ve got my business.

Now, not everyone can seamlessly incorporate Lionel into their branding. Plus, businesses need to ensure that their public-facing messages are on-brand and consistent with the image they want to portray. It’s nothing new that companies are utilizing social media to help drive messaging prior to launch. How it’s utilized is what can be unique.

Take Union Sushi + Barbeque Grill in Chicago. Instead of being directed to a Facebook or Twitter page prior to launch, potential customers followed Mike and Chef Chao’s blog and were able to watch as they researched and taste-tested food throughout Asia. Mike and Chao’s travels served as inspiration for the restaurant’s cuisine. It was a clever way to engage with future clientele and introduce them not only to the food but also to the flavor of the people behind it.

Companies will continue to push the creative envelope, and I for one, am excited to see what’s coming.