Introducing Dr. Taylor, The Newest Member Of The Fast Horse Team

June 18, 2012
Evan Taylor Fast Horse

Dr. Evan Taylor

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honor. My name is Dr. Evan Taylor, and I am Fast Horse’s newest Intern of Internal Medicine.

Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right. Why in the world would Fast Horse, a marketing agency, need a doctor?

Well, ever since I could talk, I always spoke of my dreams of becoming a physician, like my father. He always said, “Lots of work, lots of rewards.”

And thus, I entered college as the pre-med student, looking to cure cancer, or deliver a baby in a hotel lobby someday. I was a double major in biology and studio arts. While the science courses were feasible, I often was bored due to lack of stimulation. One summer, I worked as an assistant at a surgery center, believing it to be progress towards my goals in life. However, I found myself yawning under my surgical mask.

While I felt well qualified for the position, it was an ultimately left-brained job.

I started to realize I had many dreams in life. I had to sort out which dreams were unrealistic for me and “becoming a doctor” was placed in the category alongside “becoming an Olympic hurdler,” “marrying Taylor Swift,” and “becoming an X-Wing fighter pilot.” They just weren’t for me.

It was time to start chasing my dreams. After collecting awards and accolades in film competitions around the nation, selling a portrait to the Royal Court of Sweden, and being featured on ABC for one of my photographs, I took a step back and was hit with a sudden epiphany: I’m an artist.

Evan Taylor Fast Horse

Fighter Pilot Evan Taylor

And although I’ll never wear an Olympic medal, Taylor Swift will never become Taylor Taylor, and the Republic may be destroyed someday, my creative, right-brained positions will allow for an exciting, interactive life.

I’m excited for the work Fast Horse has to offer. “Lots of work, lots of rewards.”

My name is Evan Taylor, and I am Fast Horse’s newest creative services intern.