Fast Horse Hosts Two During PRSA Pro-Am Day

February 27, 2012

Cydney, Sydney, Steven and Andrew

It’s our M.O. to show aspiring professionals who we are and what we do when given the opportunity. Whether it’s a student organization requesting a tour or a recent graduate asking for an informational interview, we never say no. We’re more than happy to oblige.

On Friday, Fast Horse hosted two students from St. Cloud State University as part of the Public Relations Society of America’s Pro-Am Day. Sydney Thompson and Steven Kotek, both public relations majors, followed Cydney and me for the better part of a day to get a sample of small agency life and to see what an average day looks like. Curious, insightful, eager to learn — both students demonstrated the attitude you would wish of any soon-to-be public relations professional.

Since Sydney and Steven took the time to learn about Fast Horse, we wanted to give them some space on the Peepshow to share a little about themselves.

* * *

Sydney Thompson

When you only want to be a math teacher just to create daily plans and to speak publicly, you know you’re going into the wrong major. After taking calculus for a semester (and nearly breaking down every day from the frustration of stupid math problems), I knew I needed to look into majors that had a communication aspect.

The first time I learned about public relations was from one of the public relations professors, who was also my general studies adviser. I asked her about public relations, and as she raised her eyebrows, she informed me public relations was different every day doing a variety of different tasks with the media, public, and businesses. I knew this was the major for me.

After taking a few courses in the major and spending half a day at Fast Horse, I know my advisor was right. I’m most excited to be in public relations because of the variety of tasks. Event planning, social media, researching, and creative thinking sound exciting and challenging. I hope I can make a difference someday for businesses that work to better the environment, and I can’t wait to see ideas come to life.

* * *

Steven Kotek

In a world full of constant change, I would expect my life to be no different. I originally began my college career with the intention of becoming a radiological technician, but after a day of shadowing at Fairview Ridges in Burnsville (Minn.), I could see that it was not the right choice for me. I decided to redirect my focus to graphic design in an attempt to unleash my creativity, but after countless hours spent in front of the Adobe Suites, I realized I wanted to express my creativity in a different medium — words.

I am now a mass communications major with an emphasis in public relations and a graphic design minor. I have learned so much from my time spent in different departments and treasure the experience that I have. I still have much to learn, but one thing I do know is that in life, things such as possessions and money are not what are important. What are important are the relationships you develop and maintain. It may be cliché, but make the most of every moment because before you know it, that moment will be a memory. Pursue your dreams, put forth your best effort and most importantly, believe in yourself. The sky is the limit.

* * *

Note: I’m serious. We don’t decline informational interview requests. If you’re interested, shoot us a note at and we’ll treat you to a cup of coffee at one of the Warehouse District’s finer coffee shops. (Nickel tour of Fast Horse available upon request.)