Meet Our New Design Intern By Digging Through Her Purse

September 19, 2011
Contents of Jenny Zanatta's Purse

I find that a good way to get to know someone is to take a look at what it is they find important enough to carry with them from day to day. So in order to introduce myself as one of the new design interns here at Fast Horse, I thought I would give you a mini-tour of what’s in my purse.

First things first: You will NEVER see me without my iPhone. I am an admitted Twitter addict. I often indulge in Instagram. I am ever eying my email. But my most used app is probably the Internet Movie Database … “Oh, I know that guy! Where have I seen him before?” Along with my absurd iPhone usage, I have learned “better safe than sorry,” and keep my charger with me as well.

The next thing you will likely never see me without, is my Mac … really. I’ve taken it grocery shopping more times than I like to admit. My Mac has sadly become a part of me, and I always have it, and my charger, within arm’s reach.

To wrap up my technology needs:

  • My iPod and headphones. Music is amazing design inspiration, and really gets me “in the zone.” It also get’s me in the zone for running… hence the attached armband.
  • What kind of techie would I be without a flash drive? Though pictured is only one … I have a few more around here somewhere.
  • A Screen Cleaning Cloth. Finger prints are a designers worst enemy.

My next must have: my faux-moleskine, and a large assortment of pencils, pens, and Sharpies. This baby is packed with sketch, upon brainstorm, upon doodle, upon word-list, upon construction method, upon shopping list, upon how-tos, upon MORE.

My second passion in life, behind design, is coffee. I always have a re-usable coffee sleeve in my purse. Weather its on my thermos in the morning, or around a disposable cup from a spur-of-the-moment coffee run with Reinan, it always comes in handy, and hey, its adorable! Designers like adorable.

Next, some girlie needs:

  • A folding mirror (for the occasional makeup check, and the emergency cases of “ooohmygod, something’s in my eye!”)
  • Burt’s Bees (nothing is more annoying than chapped lips)
  • Gum (Otherwise I would probably have permanent coffee breath)
  • Hair binders (being 5 foot 2 and having hair to my elbows can cause problems at times)

And finally, some more normal on-the-go needs:

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Sunglasses (5 foot 2 means the visor in my car is rarely low enough to actually block the sun)
  • Quarters (you never know when you’ll need to feed a meter)
  • Mace (again, 5 foot 2 = easy target)

Well, there you have it. These are the things I honestly carry with me each and every day. Occasionally more, never less. I feel that these items speak to who I truly am: Mac-Head, Designer, Coffee-Drinker, Girl, Techie, Organizer, and now … Pony.

I’m very excited to be beginning my career here at Fast Horse, and I already feel very at home! I could not say enough great things about the people I have met here, and I look forward to talking to you all in my next Peepshow post!

P.S. While not purposely in my purse, Lily, my rescue kitty, often squirms her way in!