Diet Coke, Fast Horse Team Up On Fashion In Times Square

September 16, 2011


Allison Checco in Times Square

Alli on the big screen in Times Square

Cydney and I just returned from New York Fashion Week, where Fast Horse helped launch Diet Coke’s new look for fall.

We executed a cool program that blended elite fashion bloggers with Diet Coke’s famed Times Square Billboard and street styles from around the world.

Diet Coke canThe Diet Coke New Looks for Fall program invited trendsetters to submit a photo of their stylish fall looks on Diet Coke’s Facebook page for a chance to appear on the Times Square Billboard. If they included the new can in their image, they were automatically entered to win one of 10 W Hotel getaways for two, including airfare — not a bad prize if I do say so myself.

Taking chic to a whole new level, we partnered with fashion bloggers Susie Bubble , Pelayo Diaz and Bryan Boy. The group helped curate the fashion show and get the word out about the program and the new can through their own blogs and during Skype and internet interviews with other fashion outlets.

Susie Bubble and Bryan Boy

Susie Bubble and Bryan Boy

But the crème de la crème was most certainly the billboard fashion show. Throughout the day, nearly 200 people sporting their new look for fall enjoyed their 15 seconds of fame on the six-story Diet Coke billboard in Times Square.

Images were collected throughout fashion week from Fashion Night Out gatherings, the Diet Coke Facebook page and from people on the street. The reactions of people who saw their image in lights was priceless but nothing could top Bryan Boy’s. You’d think someone who is flown by Dolce and Gabbana for shows in Paris or had a Marc Jacobs bag named after him wouldn’t think so much of seeing his image splashed across Times Square. Yet there he was dressed to the nines and close to tears when his image debuted. In his words, it was truly an extraordinary experience!

Diet Coke in Times Square

Sharing new looks with Diet Coke in Times Square

Diet Coke in Times Square