MTV Leaves Music In The Dust

July 26, 2011

Hey, MTV! I’m starting a new television channel called RTV. It stands for “Reality Television,” except there will be no reality TV… just music.

I’m only kidding, but that’s about how far MTV has strayed from their original purpose of Music Television since its launch in 1981.

It seems as though the good old days of actually hearing music while flipping past the music television giant have been kicked to the curb by stories of unwed pregnant teens and drunken New Jersey 20-somethings. MTV’s strong start in the world of music and pop culture has since fizzled as it slips into a new role, hosting several controversial and dare I say trashy reality TV shows.

I used to faithfully watch MTV when shows such as TRL (“Total Request Live”) were at their peak. Now, I can’t even remember the last time I have tuned in. The celebrity support MTV used to have appears to be on the decline as well. In 2007 while giving an acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, Justin Timberlake dared  MTV to “play more damn videos!”

MTV can’t be blamed for trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology and culture changes having allowed for additional and easier access to music, but maybe it’s time to realize what once was great no longer is? Not all good things can last forever, right? Or maybe some things are better left unchanged? Maybe MTV should give up the reality TV attempts and go back to the Music Television channel they once were when it all began in the summer of ’81? I know one thing is for sure, MTV isn’t working for me right now. Something’s gotta give.

Do you watch any MTV? Do you agree or disagree with the lack of music on MTV? What changes, if any, do you think they should make?