Heeeeere’s Johnny! Remixing And Reinventing “The Shining”

July 27, 2011

Stanley Kubrick’s suspenseful masterpiece “The Shining” came out in 1980 … and the classic fright-fest still grips the public consciousness.

There’s the old saw that “three makes a trend.” And so it goes with remixes and reexaminations of “The Shining” in my Google Reader feeds in the past two weeks.

First was a faux movie trailer that envisions the movie as a romantic comedy. (The remix is from 2006, but I came across the video via a post this month on The Wire at Business Insider.)

Another reference to the “The Shining” popped up this week. Here’s an interesting look at all the tricks Kubrick played with the set. Doors that lead nowhere, impossible windows and other spatial gimmicks the director used to creep out the viewer. (Hat tip to The Nerdery’s blog.)

Finally, here’s a cool animated neon poster for “The Shining.” It’s part of series from designer Mr Whaite. Hat tip on this one to the Minneapolis Egotist.