Seven Shocking Vintage Ads

February 21, 2011

Desperately needing new inspiration for a blog post after an interview fell through, I turned to my old stand-by — StumbleUpon. After sifting for a while, I found the inspiration I was looking for: a website featuring a collection of ridiculous vintage cigarette ads. I did some digging on my own, and found that unbelievable vintage ads weren’t restricted to the cigarette industry. Here are some of the more shocking:

Love's Baby Soft Cosmetics / Image courtesy of

I’m creeped out just looking at this ad. I’m assuming Love Cosmetics was trying to recreate what Calvin Klein did with Brooke Shields, but the teddy bear just makes it so wrong on so many levels.

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix / Image courtesy of

Racial stereotyping, anyone? I came across many racist ads, but this one was a shocker.

Tipalet Cigarette ad/ Image courtesy of

What do we think, ladies? Does Tipalet know the way to our hearts, or what?

Sexist Drummond Sweaters Ad

Drummond Sweaters / Image courtesy of

The first two lines of this unbelievable vintage ad for Drummond Sweaters: “Men are better than women! Indoors, women are useful – even pleasant.”

Lucky Strike Cigarettes/ Image courtesy of

This campaign theme had several ad. One targeted at women, one targeted at men. Both featured a warning of what could happen if they didn’t smoke. No, not good health, weight gain. Yes, weight gain.

Van Heusen Ties / Image courtesy of

Somehow Van Heusen is still around.

Bell & Howell Projectors/ Image courtesy of

Well hello, Sabrina! I also came across many ads highlighting a women’s assets, but this one for a projector takes the cake.I expected it from the beer companies, but I didn’t see this coming. How foolish of me!