Social Media Democratizes Information — And Dogs Are Welcome, Too

I’ve heard time and time again my puppy will eventually take on some of my personality traits. At five months, she’s already adopted my insatiable appetite, my passion for sleeping and my attachment to social media.

puppytweetsNo, really – social media.

Fellow Pony George Fiddler recently brought to my attention a device made by Mattel called Puppy Tweets. (Awesome pun, right?) The device is worn on a dog’s collar, and whenever the dog makes a noise, it sends a signal to a USB antenna that’s plugged into my computer. From there, one of five pre-programmed messages is posted on Twitter. However, it seems my little Olive was able to jailbreak Puppy Tweets as you’ll see below:



You thought having your parents add you to Facebook was scary? Try reading your puppy’s tweets.

But in all seriousness, I’m continually impressed by what’s made possible through Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Over the past few weeks, I’ve interviewed some of the most respected homebuilding writers around simply by using Twitter accounts belonging to our client Marvin Windows and Doors. Those interviews have been re-tooled for Marvin’s blogs, linked on Marvin’s Facebook page and shared by several readers who’ve found the interviews worth reading. Social media has truly democratized information, and that idea alone makes my heart beat out of my chest.

So, is the idea of a dog using Twitter insane? Of course – Puppy Tweets is a novelty item. But it wasn’t so long ago that Twitter was held in the same regard. Now, I would argue it’s the most efficient communications source of the past decade. Twitter has become my RSS feed, and in a case of owner-pet role reversal, I now follow my dog.

(Note: Puppy Tweet is a real product. However, dogs are limited to five pre-programmed messages, no matter their hacker skills.)