Guess The Song To Win A Minnesota Beatle Project CD

December 15, 2010

Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2Ready to solve a Beatles riddle? We’re doing a contest on Twitter today — and the winner will get a copy of the Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2.

Here’s the deal: Starting at 1 p.m., we’ll start tweeting a series of clues that point to the title of a Beatles song. First one to reply via Twitter with the correct answer wins a CD.

UPDATE 1:31 p.m. – We have a winner! @richs gets it with “And Your Bird Can Sing.” He nailed it after four clues. Here’s the entire series of clues, with explanations.

Tweet, tweet, open your eyes
You can possess a Beatles prize

* A “bird” tweets. Get it? The words “possess” and “prize” hint at the lyric “When your prized possessions, start to wear you down”

Lennon/McCartney get you near
John is singing. Can you hear?

* John wrote this one. The song concludes with phrase, “You can’t hear me.”

Round and round, the record goes
Over the sea, this track shows

* “Round and round” is a clue that the song is on the Revolver album. “And Your Bird Can Sing” was not on the U.S. version of the record, thus the over-the-sea clue.

Here’s a clue just for you
After the sun on side two

* On the non-U.S. version of Revolver, “And Your Bird Can Sing” followed “Good Day Sunshine.”

Harmonies rise, the title flies
Tweet the answer, for your prize

* Giving it away here.

Someone better win this thing
Let’s hear the rockin’ bird sing

* Duh.

UPDATE 2:40 p.m.: Round 2 Clues Explained

That was groovy, let’s do it again
Name the song, I know you can

* “Groovy” hints at the lyric, “Here come old flat top, he come groovin’ up slowly.”

It won’t help to please, please me
Lovable mop tops you won’t see

* Tells you that this song is from a later record.

Preacher in front, leads the way
Gravedigger diggin’ to earn his pay

* Clues that the answer is from Abbey Road. The “Paul is dead” meme broke down the cover art with John dressed as a preacher, Ringo as the undertaker, Paul as the corpse and jeans-wearing George as the gravedigger.

Dead man walking don’t sing no song
Keep on rolling, it won’t be long

* Paul doesn’t sing this song. The word “rolling” hints at the lyric, “He one holy roller.”

Oh no and you’re getting near
Shoot me and then you’ll hear

* “Oh no” is a clue to the “Ono sideboard” line. It can be hard to tell, but Lennon is saying “Shoot me” in “Come Together.”

Right now, here’s your clue
Get together, you’ll win too

* Easy peasy.

In the spirit of the venerable St. Paul Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt, the clues will start out vague and get increasingly more specific.

We’ll send out a new clue every 10 minutes until someone solves the puzzle.

Follow @fast_horse and the hashtag #fh_beatles today to take part.

Fast Horse has been working with Vega Projections on the Minnesota Beatle Project.

Proceeds from the record, which includes artists with Minnesota ties covering Beatles songs, benefit youth music programs across the state. Vol. 2 has been winning some great reviews, including praise from music writer Chris Riemenschneider at the Star Tribune.

If you don’t win the contest, you can find the CD at Electric Fetus or Target stores. It’s also available via iTunes.