September 8, 2010

A new marketing campaign launched by a private college in Iowa in an attempt to increase student enrollment has a lot of people talking, and not in a good way. I’m not one to rip a campaign apart, but in this instance, as an alumnus of this prestigious institution I feel I have the right.

Drake University in Des Moines recently launched the “Drake Advantage,” a campaign designed to recruit students to campus by focusing on what Drake can provide beyond a quality education. The catch in the campaign – the logo. The marketing firm hired by the university chose to focus on the word “addition” and incorporated that into Drake’s current logo – a giant D. The result: D+.

Now, I don’t know about my fellow alumni but as a proud graduate, I’m upset and embarrassed by this campaign. So upset, I’m writing about my disapproval on a blog that is read by millions of people every day.

After reading the rationale behind the logo, I get it. The university wants to let prospective students know they can provide them with opportunities in addition to education. But when you see “D+” it conveys something completely different. Am I wrong? What do you think Peepshow readers?