September 6, 2010

Beside working with our client at Fast Horse, I also take on some freelance and self-branding projects.

It’s always been my fantasy to have my own brand. I created an identity for myself called popyoudesign a while ago, inspired by the bloom of simple monotone graphics and the vibrant pop culture from all over the world. The idea of combining a striking imagery and graphic symbolism attracted me, and I fantasized of having a pop shop that could allow people to come in and create their own brand with bit and pieces.

While the pop shop still remains on my list, I’ve also created a clothing line to inspire myself in the area of fashion. BOMBAXEBABE APPAREL is inspired by women who are relentlessly desiring for a strong and edgy style for their everyday/night life. Here is a sneak peak of the brand that will be launching in 2011.

Graphic design, pop culture, fashion, skateboard, music and a edgy lifestyle. All these elements will eventually meet together in my pop shop. keep it poppin’