Apples as Art

September 1, 2010

Loyal Peepshow readers likely have read previous posts about our apple client, Next Big Thing, the growers’ cooperative that markets SweeTango. And, with apple season upon us once again, I initially set out to write a post about this exciting new apple that’s taking the produce world by storm.

However, when I started sifting through all of the photos we’ve received from the various members of the cooperative, I realized we had some pretty cool pics on our hands so I decided to share those instead. (Of course, be sure to visit the SweeTango Facebook page and follow @SweeTango on Twitter to find out where you can find these great apples in your area.)

Please join us in kicking off the start of SweeTango season with a little apple photo art.

SweeTango at Wood Orchard (Door County, Wisc.)

SweeTango waiting to be picked

SweeTango at Pepin Heights Orchard (Lake City, Minn.)

Sorting SweeTango at Stemilt Growers (Wenatchee, Wash.)

SweeTango packing line

SweeTango wedding favor