Twin Cities Kings

March 1, 2010

It is undeniable that Joe Mauer and Brother Ali are kings of the Twin Cities. Both have achieved superstar status in the last few years with their natural talents and abilities and have not forgotten their roots.

Brother Ali has become a household hip-hop name with sold-out worldwide tours; his most recent album reached No. 56 in the Billboard top 100 albums. Joe Mauer is not only talked about by every man, woman and child in Minneapolis, but also by most Americans as he is on his way to being the best catcher baseball has ever seen. In 5 seasons of professional baseball, Mauer has had three all star appearances, two Gold Gloves and three Silver Slugger awards, and he’s a three-time American League batting champion and 2009 Most Valuable Player.

Two superstars, plain and simple — what’s the big deal, right? Wrong. These two magnificent gents grew up the Twin Cities and continue to stay here though it is obvious they could move on to bigger things. While building their lives here, they have managed to avoid the flashy lifestyles many superstars choose to live. Brother Ali could easily sign with a major hip hop label and climb to the top of the charts with the help of distribution, promotion and major world tours, and Joe Mauer could accept a competing contract from another ball club for several million more than he may get here in Minnesota.

Is it worth it for more money and fame? I say no. Wearing the crowns in this city and making amounts of money no one can scowl at for such young men — plus being loved by your community — is more than anyone could ever hope for.

Joe and Ali, if you are reading, I can assure you we Minnesotans (yes, I consider myself a Minnesotan now that I have up-to-date plates and tags claiming 10,000 lakes) will stand behind you if you ever release a sub-par album, bat under .300, do a duet with Macy Gray or even sleep with a few waitresses. We will never boo you, badmouth you, stop buying your records or quit hoping our kids grow up to be as successful and talented as you. You will be loved forever in Minnesota – if you stay here.