Fast Horse Perks

February 24, 2010

Every job has its perks but at Fast Horse, we have a few unique ones. For example, each employee receives a “Muse It Or Lose It” stipend to be used for anything that helps spark creativity. We also have the monthly “Coveted Parking Pass” award (which becomes even more coveted in the winter when the snow piles up in the parking lot and reduces the number of available parking spots). These are good, but I recently was the proud recipient of one of our best perks, the BYE travel package.

BYE stands for “Best Year Ever” and was a term associated with reaching some aggressive agency growth goals. Fast Horse employees had the opportunity to receive weekly awards including concert tickets, spa gift certificates and great seats at local sporting events. However, I was the lucky winner of the grand prize of a travel voucher awarded at the end of the year via a random drawing.

I just returned from a fabulous Fast Horse-sponsored trip to Cabo San Lucas and thought I’d share a few shots from my beautiful vacation getaway. Thanks, Fast Horse!