Life in the Fast (Horse) Lane

September 17, 2009

I’ve been requested to write this POST (as I’ve been asked to call it, instead of BLOG), by one of the other “creative” people here at Fast Horse.  I put “creative” in quotes because everyone here thinks that they’re creative and we all know there are really only one or two of us.  (If you’re interested in knowing who they are, POST me an email and I’ll tell you in private.)

There have been some “humorous” comments made lately about the fact that I may actually live here at Fast Horse Central.  This is probably based upon the fact that I’m usually in my easy chair (see previous POST about the “work comfort level” at FHI) by seven a.m. and I’m always the last one here when most everyone else has left by seven or eight p.m. 

Well ,the fact is yes — I do call FHI my “home away from home.”  The washroom is within easy walking distance of the front desk.  It’s bright, sunny and always clean.  We have full kitchen facilities on the second level and a large, flat screen television in our main working area.  Sleeping is a breeze as I’ve discovered if you put the two larger easy chairs in our communal area together, they make for a very comfortable queen-sized bed.  There are two large picture windows in front of our building which give me a fabulous view of the building across the street (No one has any idea what happens in this building, but high-end automobiles and people in leather are seen coming and going at all hours.)

The biggest problem living in the Fast Horse Estate so far has been showering every day but that’s easily solved as I’ve made fast friends with the owners of Déjà Vu and they let me use the girls’ showers once a week.

So let’s put all the jokes and references to my lack of permanent housing aside and realize that some of us are happy simply just “making do.” 

By the way, this will by my last blog EVER relating to the actual physical properties of Fast Horse Inc.  I think I’ve covered everything except the two ancient Weber grills on the side of the building which are now home to several mice and a family of wrens.

In my next POSTING I may address why I like calling it BLOGGING instead of posting.