I’ll Be in the Comfy Chair

September 4, 2009

I’ve been encouraged not to write about “work related” issues in this blog, but as I’m new to the company and since this is my first post, I feel like I can take a few more liberties than most of the Fast Horse team.  Not taking that freedom lightly, I need to address an issue that’s probably gone unspoken here at Fast Horse Inc. headquarters far too long.  Whispered about in the corridors and over three-martini lunches, but never really being discussed out in the open until now.  “Office/work space!”  The-total-lack-of-formality.  Everything here is so – communal. So – open.  So – comfortable. 

What ever happened to the, cramped, private, stogy, private, quiet (and private) office spaces we all used to inhabit from 9 to 5 (or even longer if there was a deadline)?  The kind of a hovel where you could close the door, put your feet up on a desk, take a couple shots of tequila, and grab a nap for 45 minutes.  I have the fear that if I exhibit that kind of behavior here at FHI, I’d have to share the tequila — and even worse, they’d probably ask if they could bring in a cot to insure maximum comfort for my afternoon siesta.

Everything here at FHI is open and “communal,” — except, of course, for the washrooms.  There are a couple of conference rooms but they’re kept at 100 plus degrees so as to discourage their use.  Even for conferences.  You’re encouraged to use the large, open and extremely COMFORTABLE central work area.  Complete with six matching ORANGE easy chairs and two oversized, luxurious, brown leather “mini-couches.”

C’mon, guys.  How can any self-respecting writer/creative type get anything done out in public?  Think about at least going back to those cubicle working areas where you can access Internet porn without someone who’s sitting in the orange chair next to you,  leaning over and telling you, “That site sucks.  Try (Insert your favorite porn site name here); everyone at Fast Horse loves it!”