Hey Superstar, You Should Work Here

September 10, 2009

Gary Coleman

If you would have told me back in December that 2009 would be a year of significant growth here at Fast Horse, I would have given you one of those patented Gary Coleman “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” looks.  While we felt good about our position, we were being realistic about the economic head winds and were prepared to hunker down and ride out the storm. 

So much for hunkering. Seems every agency head I encounter these days is telling me the same thing: 2009 has been a surprisingly good year, and they are looking to add staff.  And so are we. 

To that end, Fast Horse has begun the search for a Client Relationship Manager and an intern.  So what the hell is a Client Relationship Manager?  Around here that means you’ve got 2-5 years experience and you’re on the cusp of ruling the agency world. You’ve experienced enough to hold your own in brainstorms and strategy discussions, you can manage a project without some clown with a fancier title constantly peering over your shoulder, and you’re asserting your good times on the agency culture.  In short, you’ve been a dusty 1,300-pound bull in the agency chute, and you’re about to show the world why they call you Diablo.

If you’ve done some time at a fast-paced, innovative ad, PR or interactive firm you’ve got a hell of a head start on landing this gig.  We value creativity, curiosity and initiative.  Show us you’ve got all that and more and we’re likely to flip you the keys to our shop on the spot. Interested?  Send your stuff to info at fasthorseinc.com attention Jorg. Or find some other creative way to demonstrate your interest and chops.

Details on the intern position are in the Discussions tab at the Fast Horse Experience. Preference on intern hires goes to our Facebook pals.  (We’ve already hired two of them. Take a bow, Hillary and Sandra.)