Founder’s Day Suggestions Anyone?

August 27, 2009

Founder's Day 1

Every year on or around October 1 (depending on the day of the week), Fast Horse shuts down to acknowledge Founder’s Day – a celebration of the day we opened our doors. In previous years, we’ve gone horseback riding, fished on Lake Minnetonka, played tennis at Lake Harriet, hiked Taylor’s Falls, sailed on Lake Pepin and even painted plates.  (One unfortunate Founder’s Day was rainy and we ended up having lunch at a restaurant that smelled like Pine-sol, so we try and forget that year.)

We’re just slightly over a month away from our eighth annual Founder’s Day so it’s time to start planning. We’re wondering if our loyal Peepshow readers have any suggestions for a new and exciting activity we could take on this year. Please share your ideas with us. The day concludes with a fine dining experience at a nice restaurant somewhere around town so feel free to pass along dinner suggestions as well. Thanks.