On Your Left! Ding-ding (bell noise)

May 1, 2009



It’s a lovely day for a bike ride, isn’t it? Today is my first day biking to work and, oh boy, is it nice. Every pedal rotation is like giving myself a double high-five.

I have not had much luck riding my bike lately. Last summer I got hit by some cars and a few weeks ago I slipped on some ice while biking down a hill and broke my hip. Biking can be scary but it sure beats driving your younger sister’s PT Cruiser while she’s at college.


Minneapolis has a great bike community. We boast some of the nation’s best bike lanes, best bike trails and best looking bikers. We also have some excellent bike-related activities to boot. Check out the ArtCrank poster show at OneOnOne Bicycle Studio or pedal over to Heart of the Beast’s May Day Parade this Sunday and see some artfully adorned bikes. If you’re not sure how to ride there, visit the city’s bike website or plan a trip through Cyclopath.


Let us know if you have any bike excursions planned or if there are any bike activities going on. For God’s sake wear a helmet.

Poster credits:
Top: Togetether by Aleks Stancevic
Left: Minneapolis: Self-Portrait of a Bike Commuter by Aesthetic Apparatus