The Fast Horse Fit To Fly Award

April 29, 2009

Ever heard of a decleater?  In football, it’s when an unsuspecting player gets blindsided and knocked ass over teakettle.  In Fast Horse terminology, it’s when an unsuspecting colleague gets blindsided by a great prank. 

Well, we now have a new level beyond a decleater – The Fast Horse Fit To Fly Award.  It’s reserved for the recipient of a monumental punking.  In fact, it will only be presented on the rare occasion when a rather innocuous joke or prank results in something far more absurd than anyone could have imagined. 

Here’s a little back story detailing the award’s origin:

A few members of our team were scheduled to take a day trip on a client’s corporate plane last week.  As emails went back and forth detailing logistics, one of our clients poked fun at Idea Peepshow editor John Reinan – noting that he’d need to bring two forms of picture ID and a letter from his doctor in order to get on the flight. 

Everyone copied on the correspondence recognized that she was obviously kidding and got a little chuckle out of it.  Well, everyone except John, who showed up at the airport with his driver’s license, passport and the following: