Living (and Dying) Green

May 21, 2009

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One thing I really like about my job is having the opportunity to learn new stuff.  Several recent projects have allowed me to get a little smarter about all things “green.” 

Recently, I’ve learned about a cool sustainable house right here in my backyard for one project, been engaged in a variety of discussions about sustainable agriculture for another, and have enjoyed getting up to speed on the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival (recipient of the “Outstanding Greener Festival” award), which I’ll be attending next month with some clients.   

Sure, the green movement is nothing new, and I’ve been trying to do my part to make this world a better place for my kids, grandkids, etc. for awhile now, but it’s refreshing to read about all the new and different things individuals, brands, celebrities, organizations and communities are doing to make a difference.  There are a ton of great initiatives out there and a lot of ways – both big and small – that people can help out.  It’s kind of contagious and I find myself wanting to do a little more each day. 

While I may end up sporting a new app on my iPhone soon to help with my green habits, I doubt I’ll go so far as to start planning an eco-friendly burial like actress Rachel McAdams who wants a reef burial.  Did you know you even can have your cremated remains blended into watercolor paint and used to create art?  For now, I think I’ll stick to recycling, reducing my carbon footprint and planting trees.

What are your favorite green initiatives?