Trees and Twitter

June 10, 2009


Whether you use Twitter or not, it seems a day doesn’t go by where you don’t hear something about how this 140-character tool is having an impact on this, that or the other thing.  We recently witnessed how it can be used to plant thousands of trees in less than 24 hours courtesy of the Odwalla Plant a Tree program, which Fast Horse helped launch

Odwalla’s Plant a Tree initiative is a great program that allows Web site visitors, with the ease of a mouse click, to determine in which of 11 states Odwalla should plant a tree.  It’s really simple and, apparently, an easy message to spread among the Twitterverse.

This was the second year for the Plant a Tree program and while we got a great response from environmentally conscious consumers last year, we were amazed to see how quickly the trees were taking root this year thanks to Twitter. The tweets and retweets immediately took off once the program was announced with people passionately encouraging their followers to visit the site and plant a tree.

Sure, it didn’t hurt that (what one of my colleagues referred to as “The New York Times of the environmental world”) shared our Plant a Tree news as a feature story early on, but since readers also are avid Tweeters, it just multiplied the rate in which retweets spread.

The program runs through the end of the year so there still is plenty of time to help Odwalla plant trees. And if you have a Twitter account, don’t be surprised if you see people tweeting about trees. (Of course, feel free to retweet.)