Vote for the Brew Crew

April 28, 2009

UPDATE: It’s in 2nd place, behind Bill O’Reilly! Voting ends April 30 — GO VOTE NOW!!!!

Our friends at Brew Creative are finalists for a richly deserved Webby Award, recognizing the top efforts in the online world. You might remember them as the people who created “The Letter,” a holiday greeting that was one of the viral sensations of 2006, and “Glow,” ditto for 2007.

Now they’re up for a “People’s Voice” Webby for “Our Message of Hope,” their hilarious mash-up of the 2008 political season. Fast Horse played a very small part in this, and Brew was generous enough to include us in the credits. Here’s more info from Randy Salas of the Strib.

You can vote for “Our Message of Hope” in the People’s Voice section of the Webbys. Go to (you have to register to vote) and find it under Online Film & Video>>Video Remixes/Mashups.

Peeps: Help get Brew their props!