The Road To Carnegie Hall

April 20, 2009

Ever dreamed of playing at Carnegie Hall? Last Wednesday, this dream came true for a group of lucky individuals in New York. Everyday people from around the world were invited to upload audition videos to YouTube. Of the 3,000 entries that were received, close to 100 were selected to make their debuts as part of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra . Those selected were invited to participate in a three-day Classical Music Summit at Julliard, culminating in a performance at Carnegie Hall where they played for a live, nearly sold-out audience.

This concept took user generated content to a whole new level. Not only did users create their own videos and upload to the site, but they were judged, selected and invited to participate all because of their interaction with this powerful channel – changing the audition process as it exists. For Carnegie Hall, it offered an entirely new audience the opportunity to participate through the audition process, by playing in the Orchestra, or by attending the live event. For the selected musicians, it was the opportunity of a lifetime, as most probably wouldn’t have attempted to make it through Carnegie’s doors on just any old regular day. For YouTube, it took the videos off the webpage and created a truly interactive experience for all involved. Plus, the site received more than 15 million page views from people in more than 30 countries. Not a bad deal for advertisers.

art_youtube_orchThe intersection of YouTube and Carnegie Hall is just another example of the endless possibilities available to companies and brands through new media channels like YouTube. Not to mention, the opportunities it creates for individuals to realize their dreams. So dust off the old horn or strings, record yourself playing a ditty and upload it to YouTube. Who knows- maybe you could be the next Yo-Yo Ma?