Mini Bike Outlaw

March 20, 2009

Now that I am a professional road racer’s wife, I have become something of an expert on motorcycles, dirt bikes and mini bikes. Our racing season officially runs between March and October, but we try to practice our skills all year round – including the winter months. I am gradually working myself up to the big bikes, but now I practice on 50cc and 125cc bikes.

Just recently, I heard that a new law has taken mini bikes and mini ATVs off the shelves. I am so shocked, I can hardly believe it. I thought we lived in a land of freedom! The law was passed to protect children from the lead content in toys. Yes, there is lead in the brake handles, tire stems and battery terminals of mini bikes, but I really doubt a child would eat any part of a motorized vehicle. Are they going to tell us next that we can’t have a car in our garage because our children might ingest part of our cars?

Let’s just keep a closer eye on our kids and not let the government decide what is “safe” for us. By the way, we always wear our helmets and protective gear and stay off public roads. Please, let us have our fun!