Election Day!

November 4, 2008

Finally.  Election Day. For endless months, I’ve listened to countless pundits, studied a host of candidates’ position papers, watched dozens of debates, and hashed over the issues with anyone who will listen. I’ve pored over polls, watched SNL sketches on Hulu.com, read a wide spectrum of blogs, attended rallies and even planted a lawn sign in my front yard.  But today, I won’t be voting.

I’m a German citizen.  I’ve chosen to retain that formal connection to the place I where I was born 40 years ago, and where all but my immediate family still lives.  In virtually every other way a person can be defined by a nation, however, I consider myself an American. Proudly.  But every Election Day brings a reminder that I do not have the same rights as my American friends, neighbors, colleagues, wife and even my 18-month-old daughter. 

Here’s what I can do today, though:  I can stand on the sidelines and cheer.  For democracy.  For this great country.  For your durable and amazing Constitution. For the idea that today every one of you has an equal voice in determining the direction of this great nation.

It’s Election Day in America.  You have a powerful voice. Go speak your mind.