Donnie for President

October 30, 2008

Jordan Knight and his "right stuff" visited St. Paul last week (Source: Facebook)

I firmly believe in preemptively outing myself. Thus when a friend offered me a ticket to the upcoming New Kids On The Block concert, I openly told my colleagues why I was leaving the daily grind a wee bit early.

They mocked. I shrugged. To me, a concert is about the entertainment factor, not about musical appreciation.

Judging the concert on this criteria, I’ve got to tell you: I’ve NEVER been as amused as during NKOTB.

To be honest, it had very little to do with the five 30somethings strutting to teeny-bopper songs. It had everything to do with the screaming, hysterical 30somethings who were cheering them on in their early ’90s attire (think torn capri tights, concert tees and mini denim skirts).

As I marveled at their enthusiasm – and, let’s be honest – as I joined in, I tried to pinpoint the attraction to an aging boy band.

My theory? Most girls have fairly dramatic tween years. In between the traumatic fashions, nagging parents and life changes, ages 11 to 13 are not filled with great memories.

However, this concert allowed each of us a chance to revisit a completely positive tween memory.

And revisit we did…

P.S. The post title? Donnie for President was a sign that an eager fan carried to the concert and later gave to Donnie Wahlberg to share onstage.