Twitter, RIP?

October 31, 2008

I wrote here recently about Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service. With more than four million users, it’s caught on well. However, it’s still surviving on venture capital cash — and more than two years after its

Source: ImageChef

Source: ImageChef

launch, Twitter has yet to come up with a business plan for actually making money.

That fact has landed Twitter on a list of 11 troubled Web companies put together recently by the tech site Cnet. Other well-known names on the list include Zillow, Second Life and MySpace.

Fascinating stuff. I can’t judge the accuracy of predictions like these, but as the Internet matures, it only stands to reason that some once-thriving companies will fail. Remember, there was a time when Woolworth’s and Montgomery Ward were among the nation’s largest retailers, and New York City had an Automat on every corner.