Apple Buzz

October 2, 2008

Earlier this summer we posted about an exciting new variety of apple we’d been hired to help launch.  At the time we were not able to reveal much, including the name.  With harvest season upon us, we can now share more details without, um, upsetting the apple cart.


Meet SweeTango.  While this product won’t officially hit produce aisles for another year, we were able to get our hands on enough fruit last week to share it — along with this little introductory video — with some people whose palates can confirm the contention of a handful of the finest apple breeders and growers in the world that this is among the best-tasting apples ever developed.

We at Fast Horse had a chance to chomp on a few of these bad boys a couple years ago, and deemed them fantastic. But James Beard we’re not.  So when a guy like this says SweeTango is “one of the best apples I’ve ever eaten,” rest assured there are a bunch of ruddy apple farmers across North America doing high-fives. Here’s another favorable review (keep reading — the good stuff comes about four grafs down).

A few lucky apple lovers might be able to hunt down a SweeTango or two at select grower retail stands this fall. Pepin Heights Orchard in Lake City, Minn., tells us that they’ll have a few for sale this weekend and possibly into the early part of next week. But most of us will have to wait until the apple begins to reach retailers next season.  SweeTango will ramp up to full national distribution over the next three years.

We’ll keep you posted as marketing efforts around SweeTango continue to build.