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Tessa Carey
Tessa Carey

Thoughts On Etiquette In The Dining World
February 19, 2014

Ditch the ratty clothes and stash the phone. Let’s go back to the basics and make sure we’re doing our part to be extraordinary dining guests.

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More Kudos For The Deserving Twin Cities
January 21, 2014


The Today Show just declared the Twin cities the “healthiest, fittest city in America.” Add this laurel to praise for our lush parks, shimmering lakes, ‘foodie’ restaurants, rocking music scene and more.

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Time For Some Good Old Escapism During The Holidays
December 17, 2013


Here are 10 films to brush up on during your holiday time off. When Oscar season rolls around, you’ll be ready.

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Where Are The Songs To Get You Pumped For Mondays?
November 18, 2013

We’ve got our Sunday Fun Days, our Throwback Thursdays, our Thank God It’s Friday’s, but why can’t we start looking at Mondays as a fresh start, a new beginning, an opportunity seize the week?

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