Inspiration and Ideas


May 16, 2022

Bethany Lacktorin Q&A

Bethany Lacktorin has performed and collaborated in art exhibitions throughout the U.S. and Europe.

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May 9, 2022

Chad Montrie Q&A

Chad Montrie teaches history at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and has written four books.

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May 2, 2022

Diane Wilson Q&A

Diane Wilson is the author of “The Seed Keeper” and the winner of the 2022 Minnesota Book Award for novel and short story.

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April 25, 2022

Su Hwang Q&A

Su Hwang is the author of “Bodega” and the winner of the 2020 Minnesota Book Award in poetry.

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April 18, 2022

Michaelangelo Matos Q&A

Michaelangelo Matos is the author of “The Underground Is Massive: How Electronic Dance Music Conquered America” and “Sign ‘O’ the Times.”

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April 11, 2022

Jessica Lind Peterson Q&A

Jessica Lind Peterson is a Duluth-based essayist and playwright.

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April 5, 2022

Nina Kopetka Q&A

Nina Kopetka is the director of integrated production at Fast Horse.

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April 4, 2022

Bob Mehr Q&A

Bob Mehr is a music critic and the author of “Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements.”

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March 28, 2022

Karen Babine Q&A

Karen Babine is a two-time Minnesota Book Award winner.

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March 21, 2022

David Schultz Q&A

David Schultz is a political science professor at Hamline University.

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