Dos Equis

Seis-Foot Cooler

How do you make social distancing more interesting?

With advertising efforts grounded by the pandemic, Dos Equis needed to lift the darkness on marketing just in time for the key summer sales season. The brand wanted to go beyond words of encouragement by providing a way to meet up (kinda) for beers. Enter the Seis-Foot Cooler. Part cerveza chiller, part six-foot-long social distance measuring device, available free for responsible drinking buddies.


914 Million

Total impressions

5 Percent

Year-over-year sales spike

100 Percent

Sold out in dos minutes

The Seis-Foot Cooler proved to be a hit across earned, owned and social media. Word of the most interesting beer’s social distancing innovation amassed more than 914 million impressions, while spiking year-over-year sales by 5.4%. As noted by Good Morning America reporter Kelly McCarthy on Twitter, “Nothing else will measure up to this level of marketing to encourage socially distancing this summer.”