The Human Charger

Dunkin’ goes high tech to keep America running.

How do you create the energy of a product launch for an existing product? You relaunch it as the hottest new tech accessory.

Introducing The Dunkin’ Human Charger, engineered to keep human operating systems running on the longest day of the year. The limited-edition offering came with a Dunkin’ Shot in the Dark espresso drink, reusable sipping device and user manual to help fans get a tasty recharge.

Tapping into a timely news hook, the campaign launched across Dunkin’ social channels and through an Apple-esque pop-up shop in New York City, where Dunkin’ lovers picked up their own Human Charger. Nationally, people turned to their Alexa devices for the first-ever voice-activated beverage sampling campaign.


232 Million

Total Impressions

55 Million

Social Impressions

20 Thousand

Shot in The Dark cans put in the hands of fans in just one day

In just one extra long day, we sampled thousands of products, while earned media and social buzz generated nearly 300 million impressions.